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How I ended up in Portugal and what did I do there

Hi, it's me again. I am sorry I clickbaited you. This story is not going to be that much about my time Portugal. And not even that much about how did I end up there. Its supposed to serve as a piece of motivation or inspiration to get shit done. To show you that when you feel like all the doors have closed for you,  you make your own fucking door, this was a terrible comparison im sorry. Because me going there was probably the biggest act of following my own path that I have ever pulled off. Enjoy.


úterý 16. října 2018

my beef with couchsurfing

I realized that im kinda out of stories that are crazy enough to write about and not NSFW at the same time. I will probably never be out of insane stories but there are some that not everyone needs to hear, so I decided to sum up my experience with the Couchsurfing platform. I don't actually have any beef with couchsurfing and will continue to use the app, but I do have a few experiences that were kind of wtf so here we go.


úterý 25. září 2018

Elephants in Bali = bullshit

I wanted to make a series of stories about this but it was too long to fit. The topic of elephant tourism is talked about so much pretty much everywhere and yet your faves are still out there on the 'gram sending backflips from the back of an elephant (no joke).

I just wanna start with that if you don't know why riding elephants and animal tourism in general is bad yet, open a new tab and google it before coming back here because this post assumes that everyone already knows that and I will not be explaining it in here. Also, I know that this problem is not exclusive to Bali, its just that Bali is so popular on the gram and many ignorant people who either dont know about the issue, ignore it on purpose or have a very simplified outlook on the issue travel there every year... so this is me summing it up in the 101 version for dummies on a vacay who just wanna see some elephants. 

Elephants are not native to Bali - they have never lived there in the wild. Yet there are at least two elephant "sanctuaries" you can visit to support the "saved" elephants and protect them from otherwise certain death. The elephants in Bali are actually Sumatran elephants that have been, as the sanctuaries claim, saved from the burning forests in Sumatra. Which is the first thing I call bullshit on. I highly doubt that the whole island of Sumatra is burning hell. That there is not one location suitable to build an elephant sanctuary on their native island. The only reason these elephants have been saved by transport to Bali is the sweet sweet tourist cash. 

These places are also not sanctuaries as we know them either. Many sanctuaries in, for example, Thailand (a country that actually has some elephants in the first place) have adapted to the modern way of thinking and got rid of providing elephant rides or performances. The experience you get is basically just washing, feeding and playing with them. Many also obtain their elephants by buying them from places that use them for labour. I'm not saying that all these places are 100% ethical, some are shady and only treat elephants well when people are watching, but being ethical is the current trend over there and that itself is a progress. Their counterparts in Bali are, on the other hand, not even trying. You will see hooks, chains, rides, performances, painting and all that good ol' (actually bad) stuff. 

They know it doesn't fly as easily in 2018 and so they will feed you the story that all these things are needed in order for them to be able to take better care of their elephants. Make it seem as if there are no other options for them. That if you don't buy the ride, the elephants don't eat. That if it were not for the rides, these animals would be dead. And if you're naive or uninformed enough, you buy it. The bullshit along with the ride. 

And I have seen the opinion that "yes, riding is bad and yes, they offer riding, and yes, I went there but I am a good person so I didnt ride". Look, good for you but that does not help. You saved one elephant's back from hurting but you still supported and unethical establishment with your money. If you believe that by giving them money, you are paving the way towards them being able to afford to stop the rides, you are naive. The elephants would be just fine without riding. It's their owners youre paying and by the way, at least the Elephant Safari Park Lodge's owner is not Balinese but English. Yikes.

So, what are the options to see elephants ethically in Bali? 
None. Go see monkeys, turtles, mantas or some other animals that are native to Bali. Your local zoo back home probably treats their elephant better than Bali sanctuaries, if they have one so go there. 

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To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be. 🍃🐘 ✨🌜👁🌛✨🐘 🍃🎋🍃 Thousands of species, like the elephant, have been endangered or extinct, and conservation programs, like this one, have become a necessity to help in preserving their kind. The elephants here in Taro have been all rescued from dire circumstances in Sumatra. Here, they are treated to 24hr Care where they are treated with kindness, patience and respect. The mahouts train their elephants with no physical abuse or harm, simply verbal commands. They are one of the very few wildlife parks that remain true to the animals where all profits circulate back to the elephants and their well-being in their place of refuge. Tagor, the handsome one here, was very calm the entire time of shooting, just hanging out and munching away on his lunch. I asked our guide, on our way to seeing Tagor, what the elephant represent to them in the Balinese culture and he said that the elephants symbolize the divine knowledge for them, similar to Ganesha, Bali's Hindu Elephant God. When working with Tagor, I felt an instant release of energy being transferred from his soul to mine and all that remained around. You feel the power in their body, the strength, intelligence, and obedience in their demeanor. To see and feel the mutual respect between him and his mahout is absolutely beautiful. If it wasn't for this elephant sanctuary... these elephants would be dead!! #respect #elephantsbali #divine if you wish to look into it more you can visit the park website. 🙌🏼🐘✨🍃🙏🏽👣🌴
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prime example of an ignorant person above

čtvrtek 5. července 2018

my beef with workaway

During my travels, I have had 5 different volunteering experiences in total and I'm not planning to do any more anytime soon. Here is the summary of my experiences and some tips on workaway and volunteering in general for those who might be thinking about doing it.